1. The braai was patented and has been on the market since 2001.
  2. The Ubraai is the only all-in-one braai apparatus that is fully functional with all required accessories.
  3. The unit with all accessories are stainless steel and rust-free.
  4. The most popular model is the Standard 434mm x 334mm.



  1. For compact storage and easier cleaning, the handles of the grid fold in and it fits inside dishwasher, except for the Jumbo model.
  2. The Ubraai is adjustable in height, turn through 180 degrees, and can be used at an acute angle next to a fire.
  3. The braai grid will not sag or slide down when it is loaded and in operation.
  4. The support of the grid consists of a pin and a U-shaped stand. The pin is kept in upright position by a vertical pipe support on the stand.
  5. The ring on the grid slips over the top of a vertical pin and is kept at the desired height when the grid is in a horizontal  position.
  6. When the handle of the grid is lifted at an angle above horizontal the grid slides freely, and when lowered it pinches against the upright at the desired height.
  7. To turn grid through 180 degrees, slightly push down on handles(unlike conventional) and pull away from upright, then turn through 180 degrees and push forward again until grid rests against upright.